Parasec at the LBLPA Event

The Long Beach Legal Professionals Association (LBLPA) held its annual Installation of Officers Reception on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at the Grand Event Center in Long Beach. The event had a surprising turnout for a Tuesday evening, with nearly 20 legal professionals in attendance. Lynn Conner, President of Parasec, was invited to attend and speak at the event, where she gave her “Legal Ethics and Corporate Officer Fraud” seminar.

“I had a wonderful time at the event,” remarked Lynn. “Everyone was very welcoming and it was a pleasure to meet so many new people.”

Erin Sierchio, Executive Assistant to Mrs. Conner, was equally impressed with the folks she met. “Everyone I spoke with was friendly and they made me feel at ease. I can’t wait for them to come up to Sacramento next month for the Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (LSI) annual convention, so we at Parasec can repay the warm welcome.”

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