California: Changes to Statement of Information Filings

Beginning January 1, 2012, several legislative changes to Statement of Information (SOI) filings in California will go into effect as a result of AB 657.  The California Secretary of State (CA SOS) is currently revising its filing forms and sample packets in order to reflect the new requirements, and expect that the updated documents will be available on their website during the first week of January. The CA SOS has plans to phase in additional system changes over the coming months, and we'll be sure to notify our clients as we become aware of the changes being implemented.

Currently processing documents submitted back in August, the CA SOS points out that only expedite documents and some documents submitted electronically will be affected immediately. The office will continue to accept mailed in SOIs submitted on the old forms after January 1st; however, customers are encouraged to use the new forms as soon as they are available to ensure documents are not rejected for using outdated forms.

The below text, taken from an email from the CA SOS, highlights some of the changes that will be implemented:

Corporate Statements of Information:

  • The entity number will be required in addition to the entity name.
  • Foreign corporations must now file a 90-day initial Statement of Information (the same as other corporation types and LLC's).
  • Filers will have the option of providing an email address only for the purpose of us sending them notifications (reminders, delinquency notices, etc.).
  • Nonprofit corporations formed to manage a common interest development (CID) will no longer be required to provide any CID related information on the Statement of Information, other than having to check the box stating they are a common interest development; all CID information will still be required on the Statement by Common Interest Development Association that accompanies the Statement of Information, as applicable.

Statements by Common Interest Development Association:
  • The street address of the business or association's corporate office, if any, must be included.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Statements of Information:
  • LLC's are to include a mailing address, if different from the street address of the principle executive office. 
  • Filers will have the option of providing an email address only for the purpose of us sending them notifications (reminders, delinquency notices, etc.)

Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit (Common Interest Development) Corporations:
  • Filers no longer have to provide the nine-digit zip code associated with the association's location in the articles of incorporation.

If you have questions about any of these changes, feel free to call and speak to one of our knowledgeable account executives. We can be reached at 1.800.533.7272.

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