Colorado Secretary of State Alerts Business Community about Deceptive Mailings

Earlier this month, the Colorado Secretary of State (CO SOS) issued an alert to the Colorado business community regarding deceptive mail solicitations. The official-looking documents request a $225 annual fee to file reports with the Secretary of State’s office and use stress-inducing words like "noncompliant" and "delinquent" in order to elicit a response. According to the CO SOS, in most cases, the annual fee is merely $10 if filed directly with the Secretary of State’s office. That's quite a profit these clever scam artists are making, huh?

The documents, which are titled “Periodic Report,” are creating confusion for many Colorado-based business who are being urged to keep an eye out for these deceptive solicitations. The documents are being sent out by an entity calling itself the “Corporate Controllers Unit.” Please be aware, that these forms are not required by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. If you would like to review your entity’s records, please visit the CO SOS's web site.

To view a sample of one of these solicitations, click here.

As always, feel free to give us a call if you have ANY questions about documents you may receive—from us or another party. We’re happy to help make sure you don’t get caught in one of these costly scams! We can be reached toll-free at 800.533.7272.

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